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Do you need a practical cabinet that doesn’t take up much space? Kewlox is the solution!

A cupboard with sliding doors has numerous advantages. It only uses up estate that is straightly necessary. What’s more, the lack of hinges make some very practical because this avoids a lot of issues with adjustment.

Kewlox cabinets offer a lifetime guarantee, as each compartment can bear up to 80 kg. The materials used are very robust and 100% recyclable. Kewlox also has a green attitude and advocates respect for the environment. Each cabinet is manufactured from wood which comes from PEFC-certified forests.

At Kewlox, every cabinet is unique

Each room in your house is different, that’s why Kewlox cabinets have been designed to adapt to every ambience in your interior.

The same piece of furniture can be found in all the rooms in the house (in the hall, under the stairs, between the fireplace in the window, in the bedroom or in the office…)..


Technical information

Kewlox in 5 stages

1. Choose the dimensions of your furniture

Do you want to create one or more cabinets for your house or your office?

1) Measure the space in the room that you want to furnish.

3) Choose the depth and width of your furniture then compose it by choosing the number of compartments as well as their respective height.

2.Trim your furniture

You have determined the volume of your Kewlox, the next stage is the trim!

1) Choose the finish then the colour of the doors, sides and back of your cabinet

2) Define the colour of the shelves

3) Choose one of the four colours of angle brackets

4) Determine the type and colour of your handles

3.Choose your accessories

Kewlox accessories are very practical for everyday storage.

Drawers, locks, adjustable feet and intermediate shelves.

Here are a few accessories which you can add in order to adapt your furniture to your needs even further.

4. Place your order in store or on our website.

1 Your project is ready! Order your furniture right now on the Internet by creating your project in the configurator, by telephone with one of our sales advisers or at one of our points of sale.

2 Collect your furniture from the showroom that is closest to you.

5. Delivery and assembly

Assemble your furniture yourself.

All the parts fit together easily and are held by the four metal uprights. The assembly of your furniture is therefore very simple and does not require any specific tools, screws or glue. Follow the instructions here to assemble it yourself.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your sales adviser.

Let us take care of assembling and delivering your furniture

Would you prefer that we deliver and assemble your furniture? Our team of professionals shall take care of this and will provide your assembled furniture wherever you wish.

Depending on the furniture and layout, assembly will be carried out at our workshops or at your home.

Start by determining the depth and width of your cabinet, then put it together by choosing the number of compartments as well as their respective heights.

To find out the total height of your cabinet, you should add together the total height of each compartment which makes it up and then add 4cm of height for each wooden cross-piece.

H: 27 / 37 / 47 cm (usable height)
L: 62 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 cm
D: 25 / 32 / 42 / 52 / 62 cm

* the minimum width of a cabinet is 62 cm. Smaller widths are column units without doors.


MDF (Medium Density Fiberbord) is one of the finishes used for Kewlox panels.

MDF is a panel made of medium density fibres, manufactured from wood fibres which are mixed with synthetic fibres,  so as to create a board when this mixture is hot-pressed..

Either untreated (reserved only for clean environments which do not have constant humidity) or covered with a layer of melamine (which is very easy to clean with a damp cloth).

These panels are 3 mm thick and therefore give a very low emission of formaldehyde.


Transparent acrylic Frost is an excellent alternative for all the Kewlox furniture panels which you are going to design.

Frost Perspex enables you to play amusing games with light. The transparency gives your cabinets a very designer style.


At Kewlox there are other finishes as well as wooden, MDF and transparent acrylic panels.


Specific features

Each level has a shelf which is recessed into the solid beech frame. The choices are as follows::

-MDF (natural, white, black)



-Double layer (Glass & 3 mm MDF or acrylic panel)


Cabinet with and 18 mm top finishing shelf.


Each piece of Kewlox furniture is made up of 4 angle brackets which the cross-pieces slot into to give rigidity.

The angle brackets are always made of metal and come in four colours:


For your Frost or MDF doors, you can choose from 12 colours of PVC cup pull, and also two types of Aluminium knobs.


The adjustable feet and casters are well used by users of Kewlox furniture. These accessories make the lower compartment easier to access and keep the furniture away from any surface water. Furthermore the adjustable feet are a real advantage on uneven floors.


Specific features

Depending on its dimensions, each compartment may have from one to four drawers.

Take a look at the possible combinations.

Dimensions (cm)

H: 10 / 13,5 / 17 / 20 / 27 / 37

L: 32 / 42 / 52 / 62 / 80 / 90 / 100

D: 32 / 42 / 52 / 62


Specific features

Intermediate shelves rest on two self-locking brackets and are put in once the cabinet is assembled.

Dimensions (cm)

H: 12,5 / 17,5 / 22,5

L: 25 / 32 / 42 / 52 / 62 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120

P: 25 / 32 / 42 / 52 / 62


Specific features

For all cabinets that are more than 1 m wide, we can offer you a metal profile section which stiffens the cross-piece in order to ensure its linearity.


Hanging filing system

The hanging filing system can only be supplied for a depth of 42 cm and a usable compartment height of 37 cm.

Vertical partitioning

The vertical partitioning system is very practical for office storage because it separates out books, files and vinyl discs. It is also advised to choose a depth of 42 cm, and a usable compartment height of 37 cm.


Assembly instructions

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Would you like us to take care of assembly?

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