Our range of drawers allows you to enjoy the full benefit of the exceptional qualities of the modularity of Kewlox cabinets.

The steel corner profiles used for the assembly of the drawers provide exceptional strength.
All Kewlox cabinets can be equipped with them with no problem and without any disassembly!

Depending on its size, each compartment can be equipped with 1 to 4 drawers.

Eco Range

In addition to the range of drawers, which are composed of white panels with a choice of facades, Kewlox has also developed an "ECO" range of drawers with natural panels and a bottom in white MDF.

The facade has a cut-out which serves as a handle.

This "ECO" range is very economical!


Dimensions des tiroirs

Hauteurs en cm  : 10 - 13,5 - 17 - 20 - 27 - 37
Profondeurs en cm  : 32 - 42 - 52 - 62
Largeurs en cm  : 32 - 42 - 52 - 62 - 80 - 90 - 100


Steel corner profiles that include the feet of the furniture will be adapted according to the chosen height of the foot.

The feet thus make the lower compartment more easily accessible and preserve the furniture from any surface water.

Adjustable feet are also available for use on uneven floors.


To move your cabinet easily, Kewlox provides bases fitted with swivel casters,
with or without brakes, in all widths and depths.

These bases with casters fit under your cabinets very easily.


Kewlox furniture can also be provided with corner profiles to hang your cabinets on walls.

However, this is only possible for a number of compartments that is limited by height; i.e. a maximum height of 100 cm, and a "reasonable" depth (according to the load and the nature of the wall).


Intermediate and upper shelves

The basic Kewlox cabinet has an upper panel that fits into the rails, but it is possible to add a
thicker panel above it (18 mm panel in black or white). They are available in all widths and depths.

It is also possible to choose an upper panel that is larger than your cabinet, so that it overhangs.

The intermediate shelves are also made of 18 mm panels in black or white. 
This is a very practical feature because by varying the depths you can create spaces that are more appropriate to certain
types of storage, such as your CD or DVD collections.

Another option is to create a double layer: by associating a plate of glass with a panel of translucent Frost, MDF or glass (to slip photos or documents under...)


Your furniture can be fitted with a base. This can be provided either with or without a recess in relation to the cabinet.

Filing systems

The hanging filing system is only available for a depth of 42 cm and a usable compartment height of 37 cm.

There is also a system of vertical partitioning that is very convenient for office storage!


With one lock per compartment and mounted on a rack, locks are easily fitted to
glass doors with a clamping screw

Locks are supplied with two keys. It is possible to obtain from 2 to a maximum of 15 locks with identical keys.


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