Kewlox and the environment

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Manufactured in Belgium

Our storage furniture is designed and manufactured entirely in Belgium, which ensures a short chain of production
between the factory and the consumer.
Since 1960, Kewlox has constantly developed with the times, while focusing on local employment.

Wood from sustainably managed forests

The wood used in the manufacture of our cabinets comes from PEFC-certified European forests.  
This label ensures the sustainable management of forest resources throughout the chain of production.

Environmentally responsible factory

Since 2001 our factory has constantly improved its energy efficiency. The recycling system
of all our raw materials and the electronic management of various electrical systems
have drastically helped to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing process.

Spare parts and lifetime warranty

The structures of our furniture come with a lifetime guarantee and our spare parts are available individually. Unlike other furniture, you can simply replace the part and not the entire piece of furniture.

Solidity and disassembly

Thanks to its unique assembly system, Kewlox storage furniture is designed to be resistant. It is also simple to disassemble and reassemble when you move house or make changes to your interior.

Formaldehyde emission

Kewlox storage furniture meets the most stringent standards (E1) concerning formaldehyde emissions and is well ahead of its competitors. Emissions are 4 to 6 times less for comparable dimensions.


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