Our history

With its time-tested sleek design and intelligent system, Kewlox has become an icon of self-assembled furniture.

In 1958 Mr Kewley, an English engineer, designed an assembly process for locking pieces of wood together with the help of metal corner profiles. He added the first part of his name to the principle of his system: Kew-lock. And to make it more universal, the name was simplified to Kewlox.

In 1959 Maurice Le Clercq acquired the operating license and started to produce the first Kewlox articles.

In 1960 Kewlox won the gold medal at the Inventors' Exhibition and a place in the Museum of Modern Art.

In 2001 Le Clercq & Fils became Kewlox s.a.

In 2003 Kewlox developed its network in the Netherlands, and then extended to France and Germany.

In 2004 Appearance of Frost (translucent acrylic glass) in 20 colours.

In 2010 Kewlox was elected "Success Story" by Wallonia Design. 


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